About Us

Pickled by Penney is the creation of Penney, a gal from Virginia, who has a love for fermented vegetables.

As a born avid pickle eater, she was inspired to begin brining her own pickles in 2018. After rave reviews from friends and family for their crunch and unique flavors, she was encouraged to share her love and passion for pickles with others. This, spurred on by a global pandemic, Penney then channeled her creative energy into starting her own pickling venture. The launch at a local farmers market in Virginia proved to be a hit and further fueled her desire to grow the business. 

Pickled by Penney offers a variety of pickled vegetables, heat levels, and flavors with fresh ingredients. They can be equally enjoyed as an accompaniment to a main dish or on their own as a delicious snack. 

Since we have relocated to the West Coast, we are hoping to recreate the same addiction for pickles! Stay tuned for more details on when/where you can purchase a beloved jar.