Although pickles are delicious and contain beneficial vitamins and minerals, you may want to consider saving your pickle juice. If you are of the legal drinking age, you can use the brine as a pickle-back. Or if you like fried chicken, you can brine your chicken with the pickle juice before frying it to a crisp.

But the biggest benefit is drinking the pickle juice! It may not be everybody’s “cup of tea”, but for all the pickle lovers, drinking pickle brine can be so easy! According to some researchers, not only does pickle brine contain probiotics, which are awesome for gut health, it keeps your good gut bacteria in balance. Studies have also shown that pickle juice can prevent increases in blood sugar levels, may support in weight loss, and the antioxidants from pickle juice may protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals, which are linked to cancer and heart disease.

Pickle juice also contains electrolytes, which helps recover electrolyte levels more quickly than water & reduces muscle cramps. Which is a big reason why athletes sip on pickle brine after an intense work out! Or for those who enjoy indulging in alcoholic beverages, the electrolytes in pickle brine can assist with hangover recovery. Pickle juice may not cure all issues, but can be a part of a healthy eating option. So please drink responsibly!